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Star Wars Battlefront's Drop Zone is King of the Hill with orbital pods

Star Wars Battlefront officially has its own King of the Hill - the kind with areas you have to control, not the kind with propane and propane accessories. EA and DICE outlined the newly revealed mode on Battlefront's official site.

In Drop Zone, eight Rebels and eight Imperials fight for control of five pods that drop onto the surface throughout the match. In most King of the Hill modes you're just fighting for the glory of standing in a designated area... or maybe for the view, since it is a Hill. But in Battlefront the pods will actually dispense Power Pickups after being claimed; you'll have to decide whether you want to stick around to grab items and defend or dart off to the next pod.

Whoever controls all five drop pods, or has the most at the end of ten minutes, is the victor. An extra pod will drop if one keeps changing hands to break up the stalemate. Endor's Drop Zone map is the Swamp Crash Site, set in an open area around the wreckage of a crashed GR-75 transport ship, and the other three planets have their own.

I'd also just like to point out that this means I'm 2-for-2 on predicting what these new Battlefront modes are based solely on their names (since Supremacy is indeed a control-point Battlefield). If Cargo turns out to be Star Wars Capture the Flag, I will patiently await my prediction hat-trick pizza party. Preferably before Battlefront comes out on November 17 - I'm already pretty hungry.

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