Star Wars Battlefront teases Supremacy, Drop Zone, and Cargo modes

We've already seen three of Star Wars Battlefront's competitive multiplayer modes, but EA and DICE have at least another three waiting to be revealed before November. The new modes were named on Battlefront's official website.

They're called Supremacy, Drop Zone, and Cargo, and they're not all EA has left to show. We can glean a little bit more from their names and what we already know about the other modes, too: Walker Assault is an attack/defend mode with AT-ATs advancing on Rebel objectives, Blast is a 10v10 deathmatch, and Fighter Squadron is a 10v10 air battle with another 20 NPC pilots thrown in to keep the skies swarming. That still leaves some standard competitive shooter modes unaccounted for.

So here's some speculation: Supremacy sounds like a fitting name for a Conquest-style control point contest; Drop Zone may be more like King of the Hill, with designated "zones" that must be held for a set period of time; and Cargo could have Rebels and Imperials fighting to protect or steal valuable items, Capture-the-Flag style. We should have some more concrete information by the time Star Wars Battlefront launches in November.

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