Star Wars Battlefront's team deathmatch mode is a fast-paced 10v10 Blast

First they teased, and now they've delivered: EA and DICE have revealed a new mode for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, and it's a blast - literally. DICE has taken the team deathmatch mode that's standard for any modern shooter and put some Star Wars flavor on it, calling it Blast. The mode will pit 10 Imperial Stormtroopers against 10 Rebels in a bid for 100 kills (or whichever team has the most kills by the end of 10 minutes).

Unlike the larger-scale modes like Walker Assault and the co-op survival mode Missions, Blast matches take place on smaller, specifically-designed maps. In other words, playing on Hoth where you take down an AT-AT or pilot a TIE Fighter and then playing on Hoth in Blast will feel like two distinct experiences. Blast should also feel unique due to the fact that there are no vehicles or Hero units to join the fight, and like ye olden days of shooters, power-ups are scattered across the maps.

Blast mode will be available when Star Wars Battlefront launches on November 17.

Sam Prell

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