Here's your first look at a new Star Wars Battlefront mode

Update: The new Star Wars Battlefront mode has been revealed to be a Team Deathmatch variant called Blast.

We don't know what it is yet but EA are promising a new Star Wars Battlefront mode reveal today. Here's the tease:

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There's not a lot to go on, although assuming that image is from the new mode there are a few things we can guess at. For example, there are a lot of Stormtroopers. Seven to the Rebel's three. That could just be luck, or we could be looking at some sort of multiplayer mode against AI. We've already got the horde-style Survival in the Star Wars Battlefront two player co-op Missions, so is this a version for larger teams? It's also very clearly indoors and none of the rebels have jetpacks. That could be a coincidence but it makes me think this could be all set inside bases, plus that door sort of looks important. Maybe an objective based set up where online teams have to break into achieve something like stealing plans or disabling a shield?

What do you think?

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