Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy is the big Battlefield you've been waiting for

Everyone who still says Star Wars Battlefront is just Battlefield with blasters: this is the closest you'll likely get to an "I told you so" moment. EA and DICE have laid out the details on Battlefront's Supremacy mode, and though it has a lot in common with Battlefield's trademark Conquest, it makes some key changes to keep the cinematic action rolling.

Supremacy battles will unfold across the largest maps in Star Wars Battlefront, letting players use "almost all vehicles" in the Rebel Alliance and Empire's respective arsenals. Players can also take control of Hero and Villain units like Darth Vader, who can soak up a ton of damage as he methodically advances, and Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett, who can move quickly while taking out enemy units.

Each Supremacy map has five control points, with each side starting out in control of two. Unlike Battlefield, points can only be captured in a set order, and you'll always spawn near the front lines. Also unlike Battlefield, there's no emphasis on draining respawn tickets; whoever controls all the points, or holds the most at the end of 10 minutes, wins the round.

Expect each Supremacy map to have a unique central control point, since that's going to be the primary flash point for much of the battle - on Endor it's an Ewok village, with lots of indoor fighting through huts (take cover, little teddy bear people!) While you're here, make sure to read up on Battlefront's other confirmed competitive modes: the AT-AT fighting/escorting Walker Assault, the 10v10 deathmatch Blast, and the aerial battling Fighter Squadron.

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