Star Trek Discovery's Tyler teases dinner dates and long walks with Burnham in upcoming episodes

Star Trek Discovery is very nearly back on our screens after taking a mid-season break and there's only one thing we want to know: will Burnham and Tyler be getting it on? Forget about where the crew are post-failed mycelial jump, or what Captain Lorca is up to (we know it's something shifty), we want to see what a date on a starship looks like... because seriously, where do you go?

Well, according to Shazad Latif, who plays Lieutenant Ash Tyler, there's not a lot of options. After joking about there being only one place to go on a dinner date - the mess hall - Latif says the pair will be up for a "bit more dancing... and that’s about it”. Well, colour me impressed! He goes onto add that some romantic walks around Discovery could be on the cards, but even he has to admit that Tyler's options for wooing Burnham are severely limited. Watch our interview with the actor above for the full story on the Star Trek romance. 

No doubt we'll find out what the pair are up to (as well as the rest of the crew) when the mid-season premiere arrives on CBS All Access in the US this Sunday and Netflix in the UK on Monday. They were pretty close by the end of the first half of the season, especially when Tyler opened up about the abuse he received as a Klingon POW, but if this theory about his secret identity turns out to be true, there's no saying how Burnham will take it. 

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Lauren O'Callaghan

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