Splatoon amiibo - what they do and where to get them

Splatoon amiibo for Splatoon 3, revealed during Nintendo Direct
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It's only right that Splatoon amiibo are causing a stir; they allow you to pick up some pretty sweet bonuses in the third game. So, where are they available? What do they all do? 

Don't worry, we've got you. Because many Splatoon amiibo figures are out of production and nearly impossible to get hold of, we've been busy rounding up the best offers on them (our bargain-hunting software is on the lookout 24/7). We've also got information on which in-game rewards you get for scanning each figure, not to mention when the new amiibo for Splatoon 3 are due to hit shelves.

Just don't be put off if you see that the Splatoon amiibo you want is a Japanese import. Because many of them have been retired, it's often the only way to get your hands on older models. And seeing as amiibo aren't region-locked, it doesn't actually matter where they've come from - they'll still work in exactly the same way, and they still make top-notch gifts for gamers. Equally, don't worry that your original amiibo from the first Splatoon won't work with the new game. Every single one is compatible with Splatoon 3.

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Splatoon amiibo - bonuses and best prices

Splatoon 3 amiibo


Octoling (Blue), Inkling (Yellow), Smallfry
The latest Splatoon amiibo from the new game are due to land at some point this Winter, but unfortunately, we don't have a firm release date beyond that vague launch window. There's no word on what they'll do when scanned either, so we'll keep you informed as and when we know more.

- Benefits unknown

Splatoon amiibo FAQ

Splatoon amiibo activation

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Can I use old Splatoon amiibo with Splatoon 3?

If you're worried that your original Splatoon amiibo won't work with the new game, don't be - Splatoon 3 is compatible with all Splatoon amiibo figures. That means you can still scan the classic 2015 models and get something in-game.

Can I use Splatoon amiibo figures from other countries?

Fear not if imports are your only way of getting certain Splatoon amiibo; they are region free, meaning they work the same way on Nintendo Switch consoles in any part of the world. Because the only way of getting older Splatoon amiibo figures is via imported Japanese versions, that's just as well.

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