All Splatoon 3 weapons announced so far

Splatoon 3 weapons
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Splatoon 3 weapons are going to be massive in number, with both new weapons and returning guns from the previous two games for players to deal with, including some very weird special weapons - such as a a Crab Tank, a windscreen wiper katana, and a... fridge? Either way, we've listed the full list of known Splatoon 3 weapons below, the details we have on them, and what you can expect to see, drawn from all the available material from the recent Nintendo Direct announcements and more. We've also got a look at all the Splatoon 3 maps announced so far is you want to those. 

All Weapons in Splatoon 3 listed

Splatoon 3

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The full weapon list for Splatoon 3 at time of writing is as follows (more weapons besides these have been suggested by promotional material, but not confirmed).

  • Tri-Stringer/Stringers (new)
  • Splatanas/Splatana Wiper (new)
  • Ink Vac (new)
  • Crab Tank (new)
  • Triple Inkstrike (new)
  • Big Bubbler (new)
  • Trizooka (new)
  • Wave Breaker (new)
  • Reefslider (new)
  • Killer Wail 5.1 (new)
  • Zipcaster (new)
  • Tacticooler (new)
  • Angle Shooter (new)
  • Shooter
  • Blaster
  • Charger
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Slosher
  • Splatling
  • Brella
  • Dualies
  • Tenta Missiles
  • Ink Jet
  • Ink Storm
  • Ultra Stamp
  • Booyah Bombs
  • Splat Bombs
  • Curling Bombs
  • Burst Bombs
  • Suction Bombs
  • Splash Walls

Obviously a lot of these weapons can be broken up into sub-categories and variations - there's over a dozen types of Shooter, for example - but it'll help to explain that all basic weapons from Splatoon 1 and 2 will be in Splatoon 3, as confirmed by this official Tweet. So if you're wondering if a certain type of Roller you remember from Splatoon 2 will make the transition - yes, it will! That being said, it's been made clear that balances and modifications to much of the existing arsenal will be implemented, so expect small-to-moderate changes on a lot of the recognisable gear. 

All new weapons in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has revealed a fair amount of details about the new weapons, sub-weapons, and special weapons players can expect from them, information on which we've collated for you below

  • Tri-Stringer (main weapon)
    • A special variant of the Stringer weapon type that'll be debuting in the game, the Tri-Stringer is a bow that fires three shots that trail ink behind them before exploding. 
  • Splatana wiper (main weapon)
    • The second confirmed weapon type in Splatoon is the Splatana, and the version we've seen given attention is the Splatana Wiper. This sword is more than a melee weapon - when you swing it, the momentum creates horizontal arcs of paint that fly forward as projectiles. Charging it creates a larger, vertical projectile.
  • Ink Vac (special weapon)
    • A weaponised vacuum, this serves as a strange form of defense - it sucks up the ink from enemy attacks before they land, then fires back all that ink - the more you've sucked up, the better it'll be. Early indications make it seem like it'll be the special for the Charger, but that's not been confirmed.
  • Crab Tank (special weapon)
    • A full-on vehicle, this is a crab-shaped tank that players can drive around, shooting explosives, projectiles, and rolling into a ball for improved movement.
  • Triple Inkstrike (special weapon)
    • A new variation of the Inkstrike, this allows you to fire missiles and throw out beacons that mark where they land, creating vast ink explosions. Footage suggests that the Triple Inkstrike appears to be the special for the Slosher.
  • Big Bubbler (special weapon)
    • This is an improved version of the original Bubbler from Splatoon 1, a dome shield with an exposed generator on top. The shield can be used to protect teammates, while enemies can shoot the generator to compromise the shield and make it shrink.
  • Trizooka (special weapon)
    • An altered Inkzooka from the first game, the Trizooka basically fires three shots instead - a simple, effective upgrade that's more focused on damage than ink distribution.
  • Wave Breaker (special weapon)
    • A deployable object that creates pulses around it. Enemies hit by the pulse are marked to the player who deployed it, and take some damage too. The pulses can be dodged by jumping over them, as they run through the ground.
  • Reefslider (special weapon)
    • Though it looks like a vehicle, the shark-shaped Reefslider appears to be more like a rideable missile - point it at an opponent and the Reefslider zooms along the ground before exploding, with the player sitting on it the whole time.
  • Killer Wail 5.1 (special weapon)
    • Another variation of older gear, this upgrade to S1's Killer Wail creates sixx floating megaphones that follow the user and fire lasers at nearby targets.
  • Zipcaster (special weapon)
    • Every game is better with a grapple hook, and clearly Splatoon 3 agrees, as the Zipcaster is a special grapple hook that allows you to stick and swing on surfaces, then automatically returns you to the trigger point when it runs out, allowing you to do quick strikes in enemy terrain.
  • Tacticooler (special weapon)
    • This special creates a small fridge that deposits four beverages. Players who pick them up get a random, temporary buff, such as a speed boost. With four to go around, it means you can share them among your team.
  • Angle Shooter (sub weapon)
    • This strange device fires a long-range beam that bounces and reflects off surfaces in perfect angles, allowing you to ricochet the beam and hit targets around corners, or bounce off multiple walls to hit unseen foes.
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