Spider-Man PS4 adds the classic Sam Raimi suit as a free holiday gift none of us deserve

A new Spidey suit is coming to Spider-Man PS4 today. You may have heard of it: it's the classic Sam Raimi suit seen in the original movie trilogy and, more pertinently, the classic that is Spider-Man 2 for the GameCube and PS2. As Insomniac Games said on Twitter, the Raimi suit will be free to everyone who owns the game. 

The Raimi suit was a frequent request from many players - some of whom recently took to barking demands at both Insomniac itself and community director James Stevenson on Twitter - so its release is a welcome surprise. Stevenson addressed the heated lead-up to the Raimi suit on Twitter this morning: 

More suits will arrive this month as part of the game's three-part City That Never Sleeps DLC. As previously reported, part one, The Heist, added the Scarlet Spider 2, the Resilient suit, and the Spider-UK suit. Part three, Silver Lining - which is due tomorrow, Friday, December 21 - will add the suit from Into the Spider Verse, the Cyborg Spider-Man suit, and the Aaron Aikman Armor suit. 

Personally, I'm most excited for the Into the Spider-Verse suit out of this lot, because the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was an absolute triumph and deserves to be celebrated in every way possible. That being said, Spider-Man 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, so it'll be nice to glide around in the classic getup once more. 

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Austin Wood

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