Marvel's Spider-Man: The Heist DLC coming to PS4 next week with 3 new suits

The Heist, the first DLC for Spider-Man PS4, will release on Tuesday, October 23, developer Insomniac games announced today. The Heist will kick off The City That Never Sleeps, a three-part DLC series exploring Peter Parker's past relationship with Black Cat. The series will introduce "a whole new faction of enemies, new crimes, new challenges, new trophies, and of course, three brand new suits," Insomniac game director Ryan Smith said on the PlayStation Blog. Speaking of which, check out those new suits: 

"One we’d love to highlight is the Resilient Suit, by famed Marvel illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto," Smith said. "We loved bringing original suits to the game, starting with our Advanced Suit, and continuing with Adi Granov’s Velocity Suit, and this is another great one. Additionally we have two more suits that fans of the comics will recognize, Spider-Man’s suit from Scarlet Spider 2, and the Spider-UK suit from the Spider-Verse." (From left to right: the Scarlet Spider 2 suit, the Resilient Suit, and the Spider-UK suit.) 

The Heist DLC itself is $10 on the PlayStation Store. Assuming the remaining installments of The City That Never Sleeps are priced similarly, buying the whole shebang for $25 will save you a few bucks. Insomniac says the remaining two chapters will release "later this year." The $80 Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with the full game and all of The City That Never Sleeps, is also a nice deal for players who've yet to take the plunge. And you really should take the plunge: as our own Leon Hurley said, Insomniac's Spider-Man is "about as good as superhero gaming gets." 

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