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Sniper Elite V2 bottle guide

Mission 9: Kreuzberg Headquarters

28: As soon as the mission starts, go to the opening on the left and look across the water to the left of the boat. The bottle will be sitting atop a pillar at the dock.

29: When you reach the subway entrance, look on the sign above the staircase to see the bottle sitting in the “U.”

30: For this bottle, exit the subway tunnel and look to the top of the building directly ahead of you, behind the smaller building. The bottle will be on the top of it on a ledge.

31: When you reach the entrance to the Wolff’s office building, turn and look at the building directly across from the entrance. On the top will be the bottle just hanging out.

Mission 10: Kopenick Launch Site

32: Just before you hit the entrance to the trench, turn around to look at the church. The bottle will be up in the open window.

33: When you are in the trench, you’ll come to a room on the left with a guard leaning against the entrance. The bottle will be in the center of the room.

34: When you reach the house that the launch supervisor is in, look out the window to the silo where the rocket is getting ready to launch. Near the top of the scaffolding, the bottle will be on there.