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Sniper Elite V2 bottle guide

Mission 5: Opernplatz

13: Just before reaching the main square, look to the right and down the alley to see the bottle sitting on an archway.

14: This can be found on the corner of the horse statue in the main square.

15: Just before you reach the marker for the vantage point to save Schwaiger, look to the right, in the small park area to see it. If you don’t get it before the cut scene, you can get it while trying to defend Schwaiger.

Mission 6: St. Olibartus Church

16: To get to the church, you’ll need to follow the street until you come to a blown out hole in a building wall. To the right of the hole will be an ally way. The bottle will be sitting inside a window frame down the small alley.

17: When you reach the top of the church and come to the broken round window, look to the left on the street, through the hole in the wall and you can find the bottle sitting there in front of a car. This is also where the third wave of enemies will enter from, just to give you a better idea of where it is.

18: When you reach the top of the church, at the broken round window, turn around and the bottle will be on a rafter beam.

19: When you reach the top of the bell tower, there will be a sniper across the way through the hole in the wall. Sitting beside him will be the bottle.