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Sniper Elite V2 bottle guide

Mission 7: Tiegarten Flak Tower

20: After the second staircase, go down the hallway where the Russians and Germans are fighting and it will be above on a ledge.

21: Just before entering the flak tower, the bottle is to the left of the entrance on a crate.

22: When you reach the top of the flak tower, go out the door to the right and the bottle will be to the far right on the ledge in front of the flak cannon firing into the air.

Mission 8: Karlshorst Command Post

23: From the start of the mission go left through the building and then right. At the end will be a downed plane. Look to the right of the plane on the corner of the building for the bottle.

24: At the same downed plane, look for the bottle on top of the cockpit fuselage.

25: Once you start heading to the left of the downed plane, look for the tower in the distance on the right side. The bottle will be in its window near the top. This is also where the final sniper's located to end the mission.

26: Where you need to combat the Russians at their command center, this bottle is just in front of where they come out, sitting on a case.

27: When you enter the command center, go down the ramp to the left and look up on the first rafter beam to find the bottle there.