Skyrim player redefines overkill in 15 seconds with one hated NPC

Skyrim Ancano kill
(Image credit: zskeezy/Bethesda)

One Skyrim player has pulled off the ultimate feat of overkill on one of the game's most-hated characters, and it may be the most satisfying thing you see all day.

Reddit user zskeezy shared their triumphant takedown of the Altmer mage Ancano with the succinct post title of "God I hate this man so much". Without getting too deep into spoilers for this now nearly 10-year-old game, Ancano gives you many, many different reasons to hate his guts throughout the College of Winterhold questline. Normally you contend with him in a different manner in the standard course of Skyrim, but this way may be even more satisfying. 

god_i_hate_this_man_so_much from r/skyrim

The slam dunk slaying starts with an expertly timed Fus Ro Dah, sending Ancano spiraling out of a nearby window and tumbling down the side of a mountain. As the scheming mage plummets into a ravine, zskeezy prepares a falling power attack and brutally finishes him off with the combined forces of gravity and the white hot rage of a Dragonborn scorned.

Granted, Anano's essential to the story so he'd still come back after this - unless you turn that off via a console command - but ooh if it doesn't feel good either way. According to zskeezy, this one perfect attack took about 20 minutes to get just right, and it was clearly worth every second of preparation.

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