Dune star Rebecca Ferguson gives promising update on her hit sci-fi show - that the last two seasons might film back-to-back

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Silo star Rebecca Ferguson has given a promising update on the popular sci-fi show revealing that seasons 3 and 4, which will be the final seasons of the show, will film back-to-back, likely wrapping up the series in a dramatic finale. 

"We're now looking at green-lighting seasons 3 and 4. And I think we would film them maybe together, and that would be the end," said Ferguson in an interview with Collider, before teasing the series finale, "I believe that the show has an ending, and I know when that is. To be honest, I don't think it's a secret." The Dune 2 star then confirmed that the show will stay true to the bestselling book trilogy Wool by Hugh Howey, which it is based on.

The dystopian Apple TV Plus show follows Ferguson as Juliette, an engineer among the last people on Earth living in an underground silo that protects them from the toxic world outside. However, in a 10 Cloverfield Lane-like situation, no one knows why the silo was built and hasn't seen what is outside, and when Juliette seeks answers, she entangles herself in a mystery that goes far deeper than she could have ever imagined.

But before anyone can think about seasons 3 and 4, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of season 2 sometime in 2025, which Ferguson confirmed is "shot and coming out". The first season debuted in mid 2023 to positive reviews with a respectable 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The season ended with Juliette finding restricted footage of the real and very vibrant outside world on a forbidden hard drive, setting itself up for a chaotic second season premiere. 

Alongside Ferguson, the cast includes musician Common, Succession’s Harriet Walter, Chinaza Uche, The Walking Dead’s Avi Nash, David Oyelowo, Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones, and The Shawshank Redemption Tim Robbins. The show is created by Graham Yost and directed by Morten Tyldum, best known for helming Passengers and The Intimidation Game

Silo season 2 has not yet been given a release date, season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV Plus right now. For more, check out our list of the best shows on Apple TV Plus., or keep up to date with upcoming TV shows heading your way this year.  

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