Seven Day Geek: Star Wars Episode 7, Iron Man 3, X-Men Days Of Future Past, Spider-Man

A week is a very long time in the geekverse, with so many talking points it'd be hard for even a vigilante (The Punisher / Condor Man, take your pick) to keep up.

So, we've gathered all the week's biggest geek news in one place, so that those aforementioned undead can get on with the very serious business of killing people / dressing like a bird.

We'd love to hear what you think of the below universe-shattering events, so comment your thoughts at the bottom of the page, and we'll see you next week!

Without further ado, let's get started. But first - be toast Spider-Man!

The Big Event

After a relatively introspective first trailer, Iron Man 3 's Trailer 2 brought the noise .

We highlighted some of the key questions raised , then watched it again. And again.

Good Week To Be

Star Wars fans. Carrie Fisher become the latest original trilogy cast member to confirm involvement in Episode 7 .

Expect a gag about Luke being a little old to be a Stormtrooper. Hooray!

Most Intriguing Story

Earlier this week, James Mangold Tweeted 10 images from some truly amazing films , claiming each was an influence on The Wolverine .

The truly mysterious aspect: What form will these influences take?

Marvel Round-Up

We got YET ANOTHER new Iron Man 3 poster , and found out that J.J. Abrams contributed to the Iron Man 3 script .

We got a geeky X-Men Days Of Future Past update, concerning Cerebro.

Still on X-Men, Halle Berry confirmed her involvement . What happens when a toad gets struck by lighting? It croaks.

Joss Whedon put the Hulk movie rumors to rest, while Amazing Spider-Man got a new lease of life .

DC Round-Up

File this one under 'Never-going-to-happen' but some rumourmongers claimed that Christian Bale will return to the cape and cowl, for a Christopher Nolan produced Justice League movie .

We can't see it happening, but we've been wrong in the past.

Delightful Discovery Of The Week

Hobbit, Calvin and Hobbes style. Aaaaawwww.

Bad News Of The Week

Sam Mendes confirmed what he told us waaaay back in October 2012. He won't be doing Bond 24 .

The petition for Nolan to direct starts… Now!

Good News Of The Week

We sat down with Sam Raimi for a Career In Four Minutes chat. And he was lovely.

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