Scott Pilgrim Takes Off cameos: All of the Netflix anime guest appearances explained

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off cameos
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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off reunites the live-action cast from Edgar Wright’s 2010 movie for a new adventure. The Netflix anime, which features eight episodes, sees the Toronto bassist meeting the woman of his dreams Ramona Flowers once again. After finding out he needs to defeat her seven evil exes to win her heart and date her, things take an interesting turn as the show differs from its usual storyline.

And, as things get weird and meta, there are plenty of fun cameos along the way to enjoy too. We’ve taken a deep dive into all of these below, including where exactly they’re from, which actors are playing them, and how they fit into the Scott Pilgrim anime. Of course, this guide gets pretty spoilery, pretty quickly, so make sure you’ve seen all of the episodes before reading any further…

Every Scott Pilgrim Takes Off cameo

Emily Haines from Metric

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off cameos

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In episode 2, Envy Adams performs a new song at Scott Pilgrim’s funeral. While the character is voiced by Brie Larson, it seems like it's Emily Haines from the Metric singing this one. In the credits, the Canadian songwriter is given a special guest nod, and given she was credited with singing 'Black Sheep' on the original album, we’d hazard it’s her back again here. 

Finn Wolfhard – Teen Scott Pilgrim

Stranger Things season 4

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Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard makes a guest appearance in episode three as a teenage version of Scott Pilgrim. In a flashback sequence, we see a bit of Kim Pine and Scott’s relationship when they were younger. Scott doesn’t say much, but the pair chat about drawing a sheep in the clip, and the voice is unmistakably the Netflix star.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg – Studio security guards

hot fuzz

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This one has executive producer Edgar Wright’s hands all over it – Nick Frost and Simon Pegg make brief cameos as their Hot Fuzz characters Danny Butterman and Nicholas Angel. Here, we see the iconic Cornetto Trilogy characters as security guards on the movie set where the Scott Pilgrim film is being made.  

Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers – TV gossips 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

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In episode 4, 'Whatever', Chris Evans’ Lucas Lee takes center stage as his career in Hollywood implodes. At one point, he’s the subject of gossip on 'ZMZ Live' about his relationship with the actor who’s playing Knives Chau. If you listen carefully you may recognize just who is voicing them. Comedian and star of Fire Island Bowen Yang is one and comedian Matt Rogers is the other.

Al Yankovic

Weird Al

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Al Yankovic makes a brief cameo in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off episode 5. While it’s not credited exactly who he’s playing, our best guess is that Weird Al is the one doing the documentary voiceover as the episode opens. If you listen carefully to his introduction at the beginning, it sure sounds like the iconic comic musician. 

Will Forte – Older Scott Pilgrim


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In episode seven, we find out that the person responsible for Scott’s disappearance was actually himself. Voiced by Will Forte, the older version of the character (from the future) did this after being heartbroken by his break-up with Ramona. The comic actor is best known for shows like The Last Man on Earth and films like Strays

Stephen Root – The Nanomachines


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In the season finale of Scott Pilgrim, we find out that Old Scott planted nanomachines in the younger version of the character’s drink. Hollywood legend and Barry star Stephen Root is credited with voicing these little machines.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is available to stream on Netflix now. For more, check out our breakdown of the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off episode 8 post-credits scene and what we know about Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 2. You can also check out our round up of the best new Netflix anime and the best anime series.

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