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If you're looking to get into virtual reality gaming but find the associated price tags something of an obstacle, Oculus might just have you covered. The pioneers of the current generation of VR are offering the Oculus Rift S for $100/£100 off until the end of the year.

This is far and away the cheapest the Rift S has even been, now matching the price of younger sibling the Oculus Quest 2. Boasting a halo-style headband, it's comfortable and easy to take on and off (although you will still need to contend with wires on this particular model). Its visuals are also impressive thanks to its high-resolution display and a reduced 'screen door' effect.

It's worth pointing out that this is a headset that's not particularly long for this world. Rift S sales are coming to an end next year, and once these headsets are gone, they won't be coming back into stock. Oculus is also stepping back from PC VR once sales end, so while the company might claim that the Rift platform is safe, don't hold your breath for long-term support.

All that said, however, this knock-down price could be an excellent excuse to check out VR without investing too much in the initial set-up. If you're happy to try out some of the best VR games of the past few years without being too considered with what's over the horizon, or comfort and visuals are more important to you than the extra convenience of the Oculus Quest 2, this could be a great place to start.

Oculus Rift S| $399$299 at Oculus / £399£299 at Amazon UK

Oculus Rift S| $399 $299 at Oculus / £399 £299 at Amazon UK
It might be getting towards the end of its life, but at this price, the Rift S not only represents a bargain, but an opportunity to get into VR without shelling out top dollar. Comfortable and with high-resolution visuals, this is a great headset.

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