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Save big with this cheap PlayStation Plus deal: save up to 36% for a year of the subscription

Save big with this cheap PlayStation Plus deal: save up to 36% for a year of the subscription
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The big purchases come and go over the course of Black Friday weekend and then into Cyber Monday but it's often those smaller, but still essential, deals, like
this cheap PlayStation Plus deal, which are very much worth picking up among the rest of Black Friday game deals. This deal offers great bang for buck offering a saving of up to 36 percent - depending on where you go - on a 12 months subscription to PS Plus. This is an easy and affordable way to get another full year of online gaming, cloud storage for your saves, exclusive discounts and more without breaking the bank. And let's not forgot the two free games you'll also receive each month, which really is the icing on the cake. You can pick it up right now for just £37.49 at Amazon.

If you fancy a little something extra audible to sweeten the deal, then over at Currys you can grab the 12 month sub for the same price, but also get 6 months' worth of Spotify Premium for free. Nice. That makes it super tempting and ups the bang-to-buck ratio particularly as Spotify premium is the bee's knees. Ensuring you are armed with all available info, and if you're looking to just get the absolute rock bottom price, with no extra frills or benefits, you can also get it for £31.85 at ShopTo.

Such a significant price drop makes this one of the, this is definitely a contender to be one of the best value PS4 Black Friday deals of the entire mad sales period. This is especially the case considering its necessity and wide range of benefits. It's also an easy purchase to make because you can always add a new PS Plus subscription on top of your existing months that you have in the tank already. Therefore, no matter how much you have now, your next instalment - 12 months in this case - will go right on top of that. Considering the full price year of the service for a year comes in at £50 this deal is pretty much in 'must-have' territory. 

We think, with it being this low over the course of the sales period, it is very unlikely to drop any further so you should just strike now while the deal is live and the iron is hot. What better way to ensure you get the most of your PS4 before the PS5 comes around this time next year.

PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription for £37.49 at Amazon (save 25%) ***DEAL EXPIRED***
The deal is at your convenient online retailer of Amazon, because of course it is. Easy to add to the basket and team with other gaming bits and bobs.
View Deal

PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription for £37.49 + 6-months of Spotify Premium at Currys (save 25%)***DEAL EXPIRED*** The same deal is on offer at Currys, and you get that wonderful bonus of 6 months of Premium Spotify goodness.View Deal

PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription for £31.85 at ShopTo (save 36%) ***DEAL EXPIRED***
If you fancy shaving as much as possibly off you can, go for ridiculously low-priced deal from Deal

There are a whole host of console deals cropping up across the major players as we progress out of one sales day and toward another. If you fancy checking out what's going on in Microsoft Land or Nintendo Town, for now however, then it'll be best to head over to our Xbox One X Black Friday deals hub and our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals hub respectively to get yourself covered.

Don't forget to check out what the free PS Plus games for every month are. They'll be yours to play as long as you have an active subscription.

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