Save 83% with this cheap VPN deal - but hurry, it's not on for long

Save 83% with this cheap VPN deal - but hurry, it's not on for long
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Here's a cracking, cheap VPN deal to kick off your Thursday; you can get a 24-month Surfshark membership that saves you 83% and costs just $1.99 / £1.59 per month. Move quickly, though. The deal ends in a few hours.

As far as a cheap VPN deal goes, that's pretty incredible. A reduction of 83% means you'll only be paying $47.76 / £38.16 for a full 24 months of Surfshark instead of $286.80 / £227.76. That's a crazy discount and superb value for money. Surfshark is one of our favorite Netflix VPN services too, so we can vouch for its quality. 

However, it won't last long - the deal vanishes in just a few hours.

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Surfshark | $1.99 / £1.59 per month

Surfshark | $1.99 / £1.59 per month
This deal is pretty blinding, all things considered - you're saving 83% on a two-year membership, reducing the cost from almost $300 / £300 to a fraction of that price. In fact, you'll pay just shy of $50 / £40 instead. This offer also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which is good news when you have to pay up-front.
Move fast, though. The deal ends in a few hours.

On the fence about whether you really need a VPN, or 'Virtual Private Network'? It's a fair question. Although the best VPN isn't essential, it is very handy. For starters, VPNs keep your data secure from prying eyes over the internet. They also allow you to avoid being ripped off by the likes of holiday websites based on your location (some will artificially inflate the price depending on where you are). Moreover, they let you get around the tricksy practice of 'geo-blocking'. This is where certain content isn't available in a region, usually due to copyright. A VPN allows you to bypass this by convincing the internet you're somewhere you're not. Live in the US and want to access Friends on Netflix? Hook up to a UK server and you can. 

With that in mind, a VPN has a lot to offer - especially at this low price. Just remember, the deal is only active for a limited time!

For more recommendations, don't forget about the best free VPN (they come with some pretty big limitations though, especially for streaming). We've also got some suggestions when it comes to the best VPN for gaming, too.

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