Save 43% on the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit at Walmart for a cardboard-tastic afternoon

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One of Nintendo's most inventive creations by far is Nintendo Labo. Using pieces of pre-cut cardboard and other household items, you can create your own interactive toys, up to and including a fishing rod, robot, and VR goggles for use with the Nintendo Switch. 

Unfortunately, the kits are a bit expensive, especially if you're on the fence about whether it's actually worth parting with your cold, hard cash for a Switch game cartridge and a bunch of what essentially amounts to crafting material. Luckily, this deal takes care of at least part of that equation so you can give it a try without breaking the bank.  

Walmart's Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is on sale now for $30 off its normal price of $70, down to a cool $40. Walmart's even offering free 2-day delivery so you can get it into your hands even quicker. This is the biggest kit you can purchase with the most options, and variety (hence the name).

The Variety Kit alone comes with enough cardboard pieces and supplies for you to build six different projects: a fishing rod, a piano, a toy house, a motorbike, and two RC cars. You also get the Nintendo Switch cart needed to actually use all of the "toys" you've made out of each set of supplies. It's really quite fun, both the building process and seeing it all come together, and it's way better at a lower price, too. 

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is $39.99 at Walmart | save $40
Get crafty with cardboard with Nintendo's first Labo offering, which contains enough parts to make a toy piano, motorbike, and fishing reel, among other things. View Deal

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