How to print your own Nintendo Labo replacement parts for free

The Nintendo Switch's new cardboard activity kit, Nintendo Labo, was only released last Friday, but that's plenty of time to have a dog/small child/orange soda-related mishap resulting in a dire need a new part for your fishing rod, robot or piano. Luckily, Nintendo has foreseen such disasters. It's not only offering to sell you replacement parts, but is also giving away all the templates for the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit and Toy-Con 2 Robot Kit for free.  

Download free Nintendo Labo part templates here 

This isn't a way to sneak a free go on Nintendo's new wonder toy; you'll still need a Switch with all the appropriate software. Here's a look at the Nintendo Labo deals currently available.

The parts might also be useful if one of Labo's most exciting features has caught your eye: the Toy-Con Garage. This lets you build and program your own complex Labo inventions like vending machines, guitars, or even a fully functioning game of Pong. Having all the right-sized templates from the robot suit and the Variety Kit will make life a lot easier when it comes to experimenting to make your own cardboard death ray. (Just a suggestion.)

Nintendo Labo is out now in the US and reaches the UK on Friday, so start plotting your cardboard empire now.

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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