The best Nintendo Labo deals and prices for 2024

nintendo labo deals

The best Nintendo Labo deals and prices are can get you the Japanese game maker's wonderful toys-to-life concept without the need to spend an extortionate amount on eBay. It's hard to believe it's been almost five years since the nifty idea came to light. This does mean that stock is becoming more limited but equally, we're finding more cheaper deals than ever before. 

With that, if we were to recommend one Nintendo Labo deal to get you started, it’s the Robot Kit. It’s hard to keep up with the thrills of becoming a gigantic mech, so the other kits feel a bit sedentary in comparison. That’s not to say they don’t have their charms, however. The Variety Kit has parts to create a house, some vehicles, a fishing rod, and a piano, all using the Joy-Con controllers and with games on the Switch. It's just a lot harder to get your hands on at the minute. Then there’s the Vehicle Kit, another great alternative that gives you access to a car, plane and submarine. 

Here, we’ve gathered together the best prices for all the Labo kits though elsewhere on the site you’ll find deals on all sorts of other Switch accessories, from Nintendo Switch SD cards to protective cases.

Variety Kit

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The Labo Variety Kit is the best Nintendo Labo kit for anyone starting out with Labo. It's got the Nintendo Switch game card, Cardboard sheets x28, Reflective sheets x3, Sponge sheets x3, String (orange) x1, String (blue) x1, Eyelet set (grey) x1, Eyelet set (blue) x4, Rubber band (large) x2, Rubber band (small) x6. Ideal for a first kit. It's becoming slightly harder to find, so if you do see one, grab it. 

Robot Kit

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Looking for something more advanced? The Robot kit is the one for you, as it creates a more complicated, fully immersive set-up. Inside the Robot kit you'll find the Nintendo Switch game card, cardboard sheets x19, cardstock sheets x4, one reflective sheet, string (orange) x2, string (blue) x2, fabric straps (1x large, 1x medium, 2x small) eyelet sets (grey) x10, eyelet set (orange) x2. Perfect for an ambitious builder/creator.

Vehicle Kit

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Put yourself in the literal driver’s seat with Labo’s Vehicle Kit, a set that allows you to make steering wheels, pedals, and other driving-related gubbins for the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There’s even the option of creating a ‘key’ with your Joy-Con that slots snugly into the wheel itself. 

The Vehicle Kit comes with:

  • x25 cardboard sheets (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • x1 reflective sticker sheet 
  • x1 string
  • x2 grommet set (gray)
  • x2 grommet set (red)
  • x3 large rubber bands (+spares)
  • x12 small rubber bands (+spares)


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Want to customise all your kits to make them feel truly unique? You need this Customisation set, which contains Tape rolls x2, Stencil sheets x2, Sticker sheets x2.

Replacement parts

nintendo labo prices


Nintendo has plans to offer replacement cardboard kits and templates for anyone who breaks their Toy-Cons. Of course, the whole point of it being cardboard is that you can repair them with tape and glue, but also decorate them to your heart's content. If you want to download the templates to replace your Labo parts, you'll find all the details right here. The templates are FREE, so you can grab them whenever you like.

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