Save 20% on the official Xbox One portable 2TB hard drive, right now

20% off the official 2TB Seagate Xbox One hard drive

If you're looking for extra Xbox One storage space, to download all those free games from Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass... the official Seagate 2TB drive is going cheap right now. You can grab it from for $79.30, which is a saving of about 20% (normal price is $99). That's a decent deal on one of the best HDDs you can get for the Xbox One. While hard drives aren't the most exciting thing to buy, they're really handy, and this one is tailor-made for your Xbox One, and branded in the right way. This makes it really easy to set-up, and it'll fit nicely with all your other Xbox accessories. If you're in the UK, then is offering the 4TB drive for £25 off too.

Seagate 2TB Xbox One HDD is $79.30 from Walmart

Seagate 2TB Xbox One HDD is $79.30 from Walmart
Grab this HDD for 20% less. You can store about 30-40 full-sized Xbox One games on there, so it's a good buy.

The HDD itself is a refurbished version, but Seagate thoroughly test all their refurbished models to ensure they're as good as new. However, if you're not comfortable with refurbished products, it's likely you'll be able to find other HDDs in the Black Friday Xbox One deals, which are starting to trickle in during the next few weeks. The HDD itself is a good one, and you'll find more details on our best Xbox One external hard drives guide.

In practical terms, an external HDD offers loads of storage for all your games, saves, extra content, and video capture. It just plugs into your Xbox One's USB port and talks to your console. Generally speaking, Xbox One games are about 30-50GB in size, although some Xbox One X enhanced titles - like Red Dead Redemption 2 - occupy 80-100GB. This 2TB drive is more than enough to hold about 30-40 games, depending on what you download, along with save data and all that kind of stuff. Most people use it for storing downloaded games from Game Pass and Games with Gold, along with older titles they want to keep but not play right now. It's an essential part of your set-up. If you're waiting for more bargains, check out our Black Friday game deals page right now.

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