Sasha Banks confirmed for WWE 2K17 (along with John Cena and Ultimate Warrior)

Last year, WWE dev 2K Games pulled a naughty and left four of its most popular women wrestlers off the 2K16 roster for no discernible reason. 

It’s finally taken the first step towards righting that Batista-sized wrong, by confirming Sasha Banks – the company’s most talented female grappler, full stop – as one of the first names headed to WWE 2K17. No more having to download her via Community Creations, like in the image above. 

We expect the other three lasses omitted last year – Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch, who along with Sasha make up the ‘Four Horsewomen’ – to be confirmed at a later date. 

The news follows an apparent leak of Banks’ in-game model back in April – see image below – which has never been confirmed or denied by 2K or WWE. 

Also official for WWE 2K17 on the back of E3 opening to the public are John Cena and the Ultimate Warrior, bringing the number of confirmed superstars to four – former WCW champ Goldberg was announced as a pre-order incentive last month. 

We’ll be tracking every name added to WWE 2K17 over the coming months via our roster gallery, so stay tuned.

No word yet on the cover star, but tag champs The New Day reckon it should be them.

WWE 2K17 is released for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 20 October.

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