WWE 2K16's best fan creations: Get Sasha, Becky, Charlotte, Punk and more

Getting the gang back together

Fantastic though WWE 2K16 is, one major fan criticism is its omission of The Four Horsewomen a quartet of performers who have changed the face of female wrestling this year. And its a justified viewpoint. Ric Flairs daughter, Charlotte, is the current WWE Divas Champion. Bayley is the reigning NXT Womens Champion. Becky Lynch has outperformed more than half of the male roster. And theres a powerful argument that Sasha Banks is Americas wrestler of the year.

Thankfully, WWE fans have stepped in to do what Yukes and Visual Concepts werent able to. Via the excellent Community Creations feature, you can download authentic-looking versions of all of the above names direct to your PS4. Weve rounded up the best 13, including all of the above other than Bayley no ones manage to get her quite right just yet as well as other notable exclusions such as new United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. And of course, CM Punk. To get them yourself, simply search for the creators name within the Community Creations menu.

Alberto Del Rio

Including DLC, the former Dos Caras Jr has three different models in WWE 2K15, but none in this years game after departing the company 15 months ago. Sods law being what it is, Del Rio returned at Night of Champions, just two days before the games release. Praise to creator BITW101 for swiftly uploading a realistic likeness of the hostile hombre; if youre looking for a theme that sounds like his, try Savio Vegas.

Apollo Crews

Get used to seeing a lot of this guy: the one-time Uhaa Nation is being groomed as Finn Balors successor to the gold in NXT, and is almost a certainty for both a main roster call-up and debut video game appearance in 2016. This brilliant CAW is the work on NanekDodds; once downloaded, be sure to take a peek at his other spot-on efforts such as Ring Of Honor stars AR Fox, Dalton Castle and Jay Lethal.

Becky Lynch

The Irish lass kicker and former air hostess debuted on the main roster alongside Charlotte and Sasha Banks in July, having spent two years in NXT. Clearly thats more than enough time to have been included as a DLC character, but well, we guess someone has to be saved for WWE 2K17. Thankfully youre still able to play as the steampunk heroine using this feisty Gama_Overload reproduction.


An even more startling omission than Becky given that as we first revealed in August her official T-shirt could be spotted on members of the in-game crowd. That suggests that she was withdrawn late in the day, which, if true, is even more frustrating than Lynchs omission. Slaps on the back, then, for HDeMario91, who temporarily steps up to the task with this lifelike clone of Little Miss Flair.

CM Punk

Number two on the WWEs naughty list after an acrimonious departure from the company in January 2014, Vinny Macs underlings have at least stopped short of banning users from uploading their own versions of the Second City Saint. Eamonn120385s creation, replete with the best T-shirt in wrestling history (granted, its a short field), is unquestionably the pick of the pile.

The Dudley Boyz

Endgame3702s Bubba Ray Dudley could do with some facial surgery, but we still had to feature him here because the same creators take on partner D-Von Dudley is //perfect//. With the 23-time tag champs as popular as ever after returning in August, there are plenty of similar creations to wade through; use the hashtag zwy8706 to be sure of finding this pair.

Jeff Hardy

Jeffrey Nero Hardy yes, that really is his middle name was WWEs most popular performer during his most recent 2008-09 run, so the fact that six years on he still hasnt been tempted back remains a major oddity. As such hes one of the most prominent grapplers on Community Creations every time a new 2K series entry comes out, and this year juiceviddys interpretation delivers a Swanton Bomb to all rivals.

John Morrison

While half of MNM Joey Mercury enjoyed an amusing WWE stint earlier this year as one of Triple Hs stooges, his more talented partner continually ignores clamour for a return to the organisation where he won three Intercontinental Championships. Itll surely happen eventually, but for now Eamonn120385s in-game creation is a more-than-passable substitute for the real thing.

Justin Thunder Liger

Few wrestlers wait until theyve passed the big five-oh to make their WWE debut. This year, two did exactly that: WCW legend Sting, at WrestleMania 31, and Japanese great Liger, at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. This year marks The Stingers second consecutive 2K appearance, but with Thunders bout a one-off he was never likely to be similarly included. Instead grab LigerBomb25s excellent creation to relive his victory over Tyler Breeze.

Matt Hardy

Edge and Christian are already in the game. Weve shown you essential, downloadable versions of the Dudleys and Jeff Hardy. That means theres only one more member of the legendary TLC sextet to find: the self-proclaimed, uh, Sensei of Mattitude, as created here by eIIIYugo. Alas, tag team triple threats were removed from the series following WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009, but theres no reason for them not to return for WWE 2K17. Right, Visual Concepts? Riiiiiight?

Sasha Banks

Its tempting to call this Eddie Guerrero superfan who also happens to be Snoop Doggs cousin the future of womens wrestling. Trouble is, at 23, shes pretty much the present too. Expect her to be a mainstay of this series for years, if not decades, to come, and in the meantime enjoy the package of realistic moves, entrance and visuals assembled by INSTANT-CLASS1Ck.

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