WWE 2K17 cover stars should be The New Day, according to… The New Day

WWE 2K17’s cover star is expected to be announced imminently – perhaps as soon as E3, next week – and according to tag team champions The New Day, the athlete(s) adorning the packaging should be… The New Day. 

That’s right: ace trio Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods – the latter a dedicated gamer, who has his own Up, Up, Down, Down Youtube channel – say that no one is better placed to represent WWE’s upcoming brawler than themselves.

“It’s a slam dunk: the three of us, clearly,” says Big E in an interview with our sister publication, GamesMaster. “Xavier is owning gaming right now. Plus we’ve been tag champs for over 200 days. We’re out there killing it, making people laugh, we have the power of positivity that’s infectious.” 

Big E – real name Ettore Ewen – then launches into a mock acceptance speech: “Stop looking! Stop looking! Look no more! The New Day accepts your offer. Thank you, 2K, for offering us the cover. We accept! When is the cover shoot?”

Other superstars are less supportive of the New Day’s chances. Legendary manager Paul Heyman touts his client Brock Lesnar for the cover, while the recently released (more’s the pity) Damien Sandow thinks members of the public should grace the sleeve: “It should be the WWE Universe, the people who buy the game. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no us.”

WWE 2K17 was confirmed earlier this month, with publishers 2K announcing that former WCW champ Goldberg would be available as an exclusive character for those who pre-order. It’s released in October.

The June issue of GamesMaster, with Dishonored 2 on the cover, is out now.

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