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What is a Roblox Display Name and how to get one

Roblox display name
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A Roblox Display Name gives you the opportunity to add another personal stamp to your avatar, along with customizing its appearance, though your Display Name appears in other areas too. Let's face it, some of us were a bit hasty or short-sighted in choosing permanent Usernames for our Roblox accounts, and now that time has passed the name we picked may no longer reflect who we are. That's where your Display Name comes in, as it allows you to change how other players see you in the virtual world, so here's everything you need to know about how to get or change your Roblox Display Name.

What is the difference between a Roblox Display Name and Username


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Your Roblox Display Name works differently to your Username, as a Username is unique to each account and is marked with an @ symbol at the start, so it can always be used to identify a specific player. Your Display Name, on the other hand, doesn't have to be unique within the game and you can change it regularly, which gives you much more scope to be creative and express yourself. Once your Roblox Display Name has been set, you'll see it in places such as your profile and chat, in search and people lists, as well as hovering above your avatar's head while you're in an experience.

How to get or change a Roblox Display Name


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To get or change a Roblox Display Name, you should first log in to your Account Info page under Settings, then select the edit button next to the Display Name entry above your Username. Type in your new Display Name, then press Save to lock it in – make sure you're happy with it first, as you can only change it once every seven days.

There are some restrictions on what you can pick for your Roblox Display Name, so bear these in mind when deciding on a new handle:

  • Display Names must be 3-20 characters long
  • Display Names can only include letters, numbers, and underscores
  • Display Names cannot match the Usernames of high-profile users
  • Display Names need to pass the Community Rules text filter

Basically, as long as your chosen Roblox Display Name isn't offensive, and you're not trying to impersonate any well-known players, then you shouldn't have any problems. Enjoy rocking your new Display Name, and remember – if you decide you don't like it any more, you can change it every week.

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