Resistance 3's Brutality Pack is available now

Sony and Insomniac have released new DLC for Resistance 3 in the form of the Brutality Pack. $3.99 will get you a new survival mode with online or local co-op, the ability to use the Sledgehammer in all game modes, and a new skin and theme. The pack also features music by sludge-metal gods Mastodon, who surprisingly haven't been scoring Resistance all along. But it's such a good fit!

The new tunes you'll hear while playing through the Brutality Pack's content are taken from Mastodon's latest album, The Hunter, together with a couple of instrumental versions of tracks from their previous release Blood Mountain. Really, if you release a concept album about the discovery of a Crystal Skull (like Blood Mountain), your best-case scenario is probably that that album might one day make it into an alternate-history game about aliens fighting World War 2. So, high-fives all round at Mastodon HQ, no doubt.

Here's the trailer for the Brutality Pack, set to Mastodon's recent single Spectrelight. The pack is $3.99 and available now on the PlayStation Store.