All Resident Evil 3 gem locations for the Railway Clock

resident evil 3 gem locations red green blue gem fancy box
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Resident Evil 3 gems will become important when you find either the red, blue or green jewel from Fancy Boxes, or the Railway Clock at the entrance to the subway where you can use them. Finding all three gems opens up the chance to get a vital Resident Evil 3 gun upgrade and a Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch to increase your weapon effectiveness and inventory size. 

For that reason alone I definitely recommend making the time to find all these little jewels as it will make the game a significantly notch easier. Here's where to find all three Resident Evil 3 Remake gems, with map references for perfect clarity. 

What to do with Resident Evil 3 gems

resident evil 3 clock for gems

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At the very start of Resident Evil 3 you'll begin in a subway entrance. To the left of the Item box is a strange looking clock you can interact with, although you won't have thing to use with it initially. As you explore you'll find Fancy Boxes, which when examined will reveal a red, green, or blue gem inside. These can then be fitted into the clock, revealing a reward each time from the panel at the front. 

Resident Evil 3 red gem location

Resident Evil 3 red gem location

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You'll find the Resident Evil 3 red jewel in the safe room at the Downtown Donut Shop. It's just on the right in a purple box as you enter the room. Examine it until you find the catch which will reveal the prompt to open it and reveal the red gem. Fitting that into the subway clock will earn you the stock attachment for the shotgun. 

Resident Evil 3 blue gem location

Resident Evil 3 blue jewel location

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The Resident Evil 3 blue gem is inside the red-fronted supermarket, Downtown. You'll need the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters to pop the chain holding it shut, which you'll get just after putting the fire out and reaching the repair shop. Again the gem is inside a purple fancy box you'll need to examine to get at the gem. It's right in front the door as you enter. Fitting that into the subway clock will earn you a Inventory Pouch to expand you storage slots.

Resident Evil 3 green gem location

Resident Evil 3 green jewel location

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The resident Evil 3 green gem is inside the toy shop opposite the supermarket where you can find the blue jewel. You'll need a Resident Evil 3 lockpick before you can get in though, which you'll find on a body just outside the power station while following the 'Reactivate power at the substation' objective. Once you can get it in it will be on the counter on the left as you go in. Fitting this into the subway clock will get you a grenade. 

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