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Resident Evil 3 RE3 Remake guns nemesis
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Resident Evil 3 guns, weapons, and attachments can be found all over the place as you progress, and if you collect the best ones then you'll get a significant upgrade to your firepower for fighting off the zombies and Nemesis. There are some that will be in obvious places, while others are completely hidden out of view or require further actions before you can access them, and with so many of them appearing during the course of Resident Evil 3, it can be tough to find them all and you don't want to make life harder by missing that essential upgrade along the way. With that in mind, I've got the locations of every weapon and attachment in RE3 Remake for you below.

Dot sight G19 Handgun, Downtown

resident evil 3 handgun sight

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You'll pick up your first weapon upgrade from an office opposite the Pharmacy you can reach via a fire escape in the startling level. The dot site goes on you're starter G19 gun and makes it more accurate. It's in a safe, in this area on the map: 

Dot sight G19 Handgun map

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The combination for the safe is 9L 1R 8L. If you want to look for it, it's actually in the pharmacy across the street below, on a poster at the back with specific digits of the phone number ringed and marked with arrows. Like all the Resident Evil 3 lockers codes and safe combinations, you just need to know the numbers, whether you find the clues or not. 

M3 Shotgun, Subway Office

resident evil 3 shotgun

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You'll find the Resident Evil 3 Shotgun in the Subway office early on but you won't actually be able to get it until you find the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters. To get those follow the objective to get past the fire. Once you have the hose you can put out the flames and reach the repair shot and get the cutter. Then head to the Subway office and grab the shotgun. 

Resident Evil 3 Shotgun map

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G19 Handgun extended magazine, Nemesis

resident evil 3 extended magazine

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There's good news and bad news with the G19 Handgun extended magazine. The good news is that you won't have to go looking for it because it'll come to you. The bad news is that's because the Nemesis has it - you'll get it via a Supply Case he dropped the first time you down him. The best way to do that is keep a grenade in your inventory and when he appears (shortly after you get the power back on) use that to knock him down. Grab the case and get somewhere safe to fit the extended magazine which can hold 33 bullets. 

G19 Handgun moderator, Nemesis

G19 Handgun moderator - Nemesis

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The Moderator is a second handgun upgrade you can get from downing the Nemesis when he appears and starts converting zombies with his tentacles. It silences the weapon and increases the chance of a critical hit but will mean the gun takes up two shots in your inventory. 

Shotgun tactical stock

Resident evil 3 Shotgun tactical stock

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You can get the Shotgun Tactical Stock in the entrance to the subway from the strange machine with a clock to the left of the Item Box. The Tactical Stock is one of the rewards you'll get from placing one of the Resident Evil 3 gems in the mechanism (found in Fancy Boxes scattered around the downtown area). We got the stock from using the red gem which you can find in a fancy box in the downtown donut shop safe room.

MGL Grenade Launcher, Sewers Office

resident evil 3 grenade launcher

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The Resident Evil 3 grenade launcher is kind of a freebie once you reach the sewers. It's just waiting for you to pick it up in the office. You'll have to fight a Hunter Gamma to get to to it but once you have it explosive ordinance is your to deliver at distance. Just head head on the map:

MGL Grenade Launcher map

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Shotgun barrel, Downtown, Gun Shop Kendo

resident evil 3 shotgun barrel

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You'll find the shotgun barrel as you play through the main story. Just wait until you get to Gun Shop Kendo and it'll be waiting for you on a shelf as you go in. It'll up the firing rate while narrowing the spread for a tighter shot. 

Resident Evil 3 Shotgun barrel map

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Assault rifle scope, Police Station, West Office

resident evil 3 assault rifle scope

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You'll find the assault Rifle scope in the police station office when you visit the location as Carlos. Its' inside a a STARS crate just as you enter the room. Again it's another one that's easy to get as all you need is the STARS card you'll have picked up as part of the story.

Resident Evil 3 Assault rifle scope map

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Assault Rifle Grip, Hospital Courtyard

Resident evil 3 Assault Rifle Grip

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On the second floor of the hospital you'll find two broken windows you can jump through marked with yellow tape that will take you through to different areas of the courtyard below. If you jump through the first one you'll find the assault rifle grip hidden away in a bucket tucked into the corner. 

Resident evil 3 Assault Rifle Grip map

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Assault rifle dual magazine, Hospital Nurses' Station

resident evil 3 Assault rifle dual magazine

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The Resident Evil 3 assault rifle dual magazine is one of the upgrades that's easy to miss as you can only get it while playing as Carlos in the hospital. Once you revert back to Jill you'll find it's hiding place em. You'll find the safe it's inside in the Nurses' Station with the combination 9 clockwise 3 counterclockwise

Assault rifle dual magazine map

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You don't need to find the combination to open it but it's on a clipboard in the the operating room if you want to tick it off.

G18 handgun burst model, Hospital Makeshift Sickroom

resident evil 3 G18 handgun burst model

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The three shot burst model of the handgun is ready for Jill to pick up once she takes over from Carlos in the hospital. You'll find it just by the door as you go to leave the Makeshift Sickroom area. 

G18 handgun burst model map

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Lightning Hawk, Hospital Courtyard

Resident Evil 3 lightening hawk

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You'll find the mag ammo firing Resident Evil 3 Lightening Hawk in the hospital courtyard you found as Carlos but in a new area that you can only access as Jill. On the second floor there's a third window you can jump out of, after Jill says she thinks she can get through a gap. You'll find the Lightning Hawk in a silver case by a body after you've jumped down. 

Resident Evil 3 Lightning Hawk map

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Shotgun shell holder, Underground Storage

resident evil 3 Shotgun shell holder

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You'll find the Shotgun shell holder, which lets you reload faster in the Underground storage area where you have to find the fuses. It's behind the final list just before you complete a loop of the room. It's the one list you don't actually have to move so it's easy to overlook the area. 

Resident Evil 3 Shotgun shell holder map

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Extended Barrel (Mag), Underground Storage surveillance room

Resident evil 3 Extended Barrel (Mag)

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You'll find the Extended Barrel (Mag) in the surveillance room of the underground storage area once you've found all the fuses need to get the list going. It's in the corner, by the window behind the big console you need to interact with. 

Resident Evil 3 shogun Extended Barrel map

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