How to get the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters

resident evil 3 bolt cutters
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Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters are an essential tool to collect, as early in the story you'll find doors locked by chains that will prevent you from reaching the areas beyond until you've taken care of them. The cutters don't appear until a little way through the game, meaning you'll have to make some progress before you can claim them. However, it's not too far to backtrack afterwards so you can cut open those chains, and access the additional rewards hidden behind the doors. If you're looking for the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters, then I've got all the details on when and where you'll find them in the game.

Where are the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters? 

Resident evil 3 bolt cutters location

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You won't actually be able to get to the Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters until you hit a certain point as they're basically story locked. Focus first on getting the fire put out that's blocking your path initially in Resident Evil 3. Once you have the fire hose and you've extinguished the flames you'll be able to access the repair shop through the alley. That's where you'll find bolt cutters, obviously displayed in a tool case on the back wall. 

Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters map

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It's in this part of the Downtown map. When you do get them, resist using them on the chained door in the room straight away and instead backtrack while it's quiet and use them to grab the shotgun - one of the most important Resident Evil 3 weapons and gun upgrades - and pop any other chains that were blocking your way. It might also be worth keeping then in the item crate when you don't need them to save on inventory slots, which are in short supply when you first start the game and haven't found any Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouches.

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