Incredible Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard gets a discount and a FREE $80 Razer Viper mouse

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Looking to up your game and gain a sharper edge? Then you, my friend, need a Razer deal. And we've got a stunning offer for you today with a new bundle combining one of our favorite gaming keyboards with one of the finest gaming mice money can buy. 

Saving you a whopping $100 in total and getting you a totally free second item, you can get a Razer Viper mouse for absolutely nothing when you buy the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard for $179.99 at Best Buy right now. And yes, we've compared prices elsewhere and this is the best price for the keyboard, even without the free mouse.

The keyboard is the 'Elite Edition' of the Huntsman keyboard and unlike the Tournament Edition, comes with a full number pad and also a plush wrist-support. It also utilizes Razer's Optical Switches, meaning the super-fast actuation of each button-press is ideal for gaming of any kind and offers speed that others can't quite achieve. It is also capable of strong presets and loadouts depending on what game you're playing, via Razer's companion software.

The mouse is one of our personal favorites. The Razer Viper has proved to be one of the top ambidextrous gaming mice going - and certainly worthy of its place on our best gaming mouse guide. The Razer Viper was built for and with the help of eSports players, and this is clear from the mouse's speed; it's quick, responsive, and comfortable. It's also exceptionally lightweight. At just 69g, you can move incredibly quickly across your mouse mat. In our Razer Viper review, we said "The Razer Viper range makes a lot of promises, but it manages to keep them all. This is a fast, responsive, comfortable, and exceedingly lightweight collection of mice that'll serve you well. Even though a few quirks stop them from being a home run, they're pretty fantastic otherwise."

Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard + FREE Razer Viper gaming mouse | $179.99 at Best Buy

Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard + FREE Razer Viper gaming mouse | $179.99 at Best Buy
Quite frankly a ridiculously high-value deal, getting you $280 worth of quality Razer gear for the price of $179.99. We shopped around and other stores are still charging the standard $199 for the keyboard alone, so there's no ifs or buts, just a stunning bundle deal. The mouse is automatically added to your basket when you add the keyboard.

Of course, Razer doesn't just do mice and keyboards: the company made its name with an incredibly good range of Razer headsets, and now also offers equipment for broadcasters with the Razer streaming gear. These are some of the best bits of kit going. If you're looking for a full-on upgrade though, you should really check out our picks for the best Razer laptops.

If you're after some comparisons or want to fully research the competition then check out our guides to the best gaming keyboard (the Razer Huntsman Elite is featured here), and the best wireless gaming mouse too if you've had enough of cables.

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