Ray Liotta locates La Linea

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a multi-faceted drama that tackled the drug cartels, at least not one that did it as well as Traffic.

But James Cotten thinks he has what it takes with La Linea, a tale loosely based on the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel.

Andy Garcia’s currently circling the small role of a kingpin who falls ill, only to have his crazed, gun-happy second-in-command (Esai Morales) take over. Ray Liotta, meanwhile, has signed on to play a veteran LA-based assassin hired to take down Morales’ troublemaker, while Valerie Cruz is on board as Olivia, a meth addict trying to kick the habit for the sake of her daughter.

And that’s not all – the likes of Armand Assante, Joe Morton, Danny Trejo and, yes, even Jason Connery (last seen on screen in nothing you’d have watched except for 2000’s Shanghai Noon) – are all considering making up a hefty ensemble cast.

R Ellis Frazier wrote the screenplay and will be sticking around to make sure the thesps say his words right as one of the producers. It’ll all kick off shooting next month in Los Angeles and Tijuana.

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