PS5 with two DualSense controllers listed by retailer

(Image credit: Sony)

A retailer has listed a new PS5 bundle that contains two DualSense controllers.

As noted by Twitter user Zuby_Tech on January 9, Australian retailer EB Games has listed a new PS5 purchase option. Seemingly beginning next month on February 3, customers will be able to purchase one PS5 console with two DualSense controllers bundled in.

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Since launch in 2020, the standard PS5 console has always come with one DualSense controller, whether it's the All-Digital version, or the standard version of the console with a disc drive. Right now, Sony hasn't officially announced the new PS5 bundle, so EB Games has likely gone live with the bundle a little bit ahead of the scheduled announcement.

That's not to say there were never PS5 bundles with an extra DualSense controller bundled in, though. PlayStation Direct, as well as third-party retailers like Amazon, would occasionally put out a bundle that saw the standard console packaged in with an extra DualSense controller for a limited time deal, sometimes even bundling in another game like Horizon Forbidden West on top.

If you're wondering why this new bundle matters, then, it's a guarantee that there'll always be a PS5 bundle that contains an extra DualSense controller on offer, instead of relying on the whims of retailers. If you're wondering which games would be best to use to take advantage of the new bundle, check out our best co-op games guide for a complete list. 

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