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PS5 stock is back today - to your stations, people!

PS5 stock
(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 stock is on the way in the US, and it's coming today (yes, we're freaking out as well). The official Sony Rewards account announced yesterday that a limited number of the hard-to-find consoles would be hitting shelves this Friday January 15, so it's worth keeping an eye on their website. Basically, be ready to move fast; after rumors of PS5 stock this week proved to be false, the internet is oh-so hungry for deals. On your marks, get set... prepare to smash the living daylights out of your refresh button.

The trouble is, we don't know who can claim that PS5 stock - is it going to be an exclusive for Sony Rewards users? Or will consoles appear on Sony's website at large? The answer unclear, so be ready for anything. While this is all frustratingly vague (we can only apologise), at least it gives us something to shoot for.

As for the UK, we've still got our fingers crossed for PS5 stock again over the next few days. Although units didn't appear on January 14 as suggested, stock-monitoring account Ps5Instant said we could expect more in the UK any time between January 14 - 21. And because they were on the money with their claim that the console was returning by January 7, we're inclined to believe - or pay attention to - their reports that extra consoles are on the way. Because it's been so difficult to buy PS5 up until now, we'll take any help we can get in tracking them down.

Plus, this marries up with what the retailers are saying. Smyths confirmed that it was expecting extra consoles this month, for example, and we've been able to buy Xbox Series X throughout January at a variety of stores. If nothing else, it's a demonstration that the gravy train of next-gen stock is back in business.

No matter where you are in the world, just be ready to pounce. Online queues appeared at Game UK for PS5 stock last week without any kind of fanfare, so we'd recommend keeping your favorite retailers open for the next couple of days to be safe. And if you see that consoles are available but hit an error, keep trying; sites on both sides of the pond display these messages when they're struggling under the weight of demand.

Either way, it bodes well for PS5 stock arriving later in the month. Laptops Direct had consoles to offer earlier in January, for instance, and even though it was in an overpriced monitor bundle, the fact that it existed at all gives us hope of more deals to come. Lucky shoppers were also able to get Xbox Series X at Very a few days ago and the DualSense is on sale again at Amazon UK, so things are looking up in terms of next-gen tech.

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No matter what, keep the quick links to PS5 stock below in your back pocket for now. Who knows? You might get lucky.

If you don't manage to pick up the console this week, don't lose hope - keep an eye on our PS5 deals and bundles page for more offers as they appear.

Good luck!

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