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Update: Those PS5s at Best Buy seem to have sold out, and even the more expensive bundles are now gone. However, that doesn't mean you should give up. Walmart had stock yesterday, and we've got our fingers crossed that Amazon will be next. If Walmart and Best Buy have received new consoles over the last few days, Amazon can't be far behind (we would assume, anyway).

Basically, keep checking in every now and then to see if stock has returned - you've got nothing to lose from trying. Plus, PS5 consoles occasionally appear on-site without warning. As such, have your ear to the ground and be ready to move fast if anything appears. Good luck!

Original story follows...

This is officially a PS5 stock red alert - the next-gen console is back today in limited quantities. To be precise, Best Buy has confirmed that you'll be able to buy a PlayStation 5 or PS5 Digital Edition "sometime after 8am CT" this December 15. We don't have a more specific time than that, so you'll need to be watching the product page like a hawk for a chance at picking up the system. Keep hitting that refresh button and cross your fingers.

The "sometime after 8am CT" warning is annoyingly vague, especially because that means PS5 stock could drop hours later or well into the evening. But at least we have a broad window to play with. All we can suggest is checking in when you can to see if there's any movement. And maybe promising Santa that you've been really, really good this year. We'll take any help we can get at this point (especially because this is the first time we've had a shot at the PS5 Digital Edition in a while).

If you'd rather get the console as part of a bundle, Best Buy has you covered there as well. We've seen offers advertising the PS5 and the Mile Morales Spider-Man game for $549.98 alongside a combo with an extra controller for $569.98, for example. If you want the ultimate next-gen bundle, you can even get the console with Miles Morales, the Demon's Souls remake, and the latest Call of Duty (Cold War) for $689.96. Because it's the most expensive, that one may last longer than the others.

It's not just the PlayStation that's coming back, though. The next-gen Xbox Series X and S consoles are also making an appearance at Best Buy... though they have a "sometime after 8am CT" warning as well. You hear that? It's the sound of F5 keys being hammered into oblivion.

Before everything kicks off, we'd highly recommend creating a Best Buy account if you haven't already. Signing in and having your payment details to hand is also a very good idea. That'll help you avoid loading screens, and that can genuinely mean the difference between getting the console and arriving moments too late. 

Want to keep busy in the meantime? Best Buy is hosting a wider 3-day sale from December 15 as well, so it may be a good opportunity to hunt down some last-minute gifts (for inspiration, be sure to check in with the best gifts for gamers).

If you don't strike lucky this time, or you're based in the UK, be sure to take a look at our guides on where to buy a PS5 and where to buy an Xbox Series X. They'll point you in the right direction and are regularly updated with news of fresh stock (when it appears, anyway).

PS5 deals

PS5 | $499.99 at Best Buy

PS5 | $499.99 at Best Buy
The standard PS5 will apparently be available to buy this December 15 from Best Buy "sometime after 8am CT." We don't anticipate stock lasting long, so move quickly if you want a chance of getting the next-gen console. Unsure of whether you should get this version or the slightly cheaper Digital Edition? We'd recommend the standard PS5. The only difference is the fact that it has a disc drive, so it offers more flexibility if you want to buy pre-owned games or trade them in once you're finished with them.


PS5 Digital Edition | $399.99 at Best Buy
To be in with a chance of buying the cheaper Digital Edition, click on the link above - the console will apparently be available this December 15 "sometime after 8am CT." It's the first time we've seen this one back on shelves in a while, so expect it to sell out quickly. Curious as to why this one is $100 less expensive? It doesn't have a disc drive, meaning you can only buy or download games digitally.

More PS5 retailers to check

If you don't manage to grab the PS5 at Best Buy (or you're based in the UK), don't forget to visit these retailers below. If any other site is going to get PS5 stock in again before Christmas, it's them.

US retailers

UK retailers

Hunting down ideas of what to buy someone for Christmas? Take a look at our best gifts for gamers guide. We think you'll like our guide to the best PS5 headsets too. And if you want to know what you're getting yourself in for with next-gen, head over to our PS5 review.

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