How to watch the first PS5 DualSense hands-on demo today

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It's finally happening. Today we're getting our first real look at the PS5, and more specifically its DualSense controller, via Geoff Keighley and his Summer Game Fest live stream, which will also include an interview with PlayStation's head of worldwide marketing Eric Lempel. 

You're probably wondering how to watch this first look at the PS5 hands-on demo in real-time, but thankfully it's easier than ever, so long as you have a working internet connection and a device that can run video without too much hassle. Here's everything you need to know.

When is the PS5 DualSense hands-on demo?

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Geoff Keighley's live stream begins today, Friday July 17, at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM BST. You can set yourself a calendar reminder here, which will notify your phone, tablet, or PC once the event kicks off. It's unclear how long the event will last, but Summer Game Fest shows so far have run between 30 - 45 minutes so far, and I can imagine an exclusive this big will lean on the longer side of that mark. 

Where to watch the PS5 DualSense hands-on demo

YouTube is the best place to tune in to the PS5 DualSense hands-on demo later today, and we've included the already listed video above, so you can even just bookmark this page and return to it later to watch the whole thing live directly off GamesRadar. 

Keighley will also be streaming the even on thegameawards Twitch channel if you prefer using that platform instead, while the Summer Game Fest Twitter account will have a live feed on its social too, though Twitter's video architecture can be unreliable at the best of times. 

In case you can't watch along in real time, GamesRadar+ will be covering the event with news stories and reactions as soon as they land, so you can always keep updated by checking in on the site during or after the show itself. 

What is in the PS5 DualSense hands-on demo? 

PS5 price

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Keighley hasn't clarified whether he'll actually be showing off any upcoming PS5 games itself during the live stream, though confirmed that he will be using the DualSense on the console itself, and not just offering impressions of how the controller feels outside of its use with the system. 

If I had to make any assumptions, I'd imagine we won't see any new footage of a major PS5 exclusive like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but more likely to be treated to a backwards compatible version of a current gen title, such as Fortnite or The Last of Us 2

What we can expect are answers to the most asinine questions that everybody's asking. How big is the DualSense? What does it feel like to press those adaptive triggers? And is the haptic feedback really that game-changing? No matter what Keighley's playing, you don't want to miss this stream out. 

For more, check out the biggest new games of 2020 on the way, or watch the video below for the first look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

(Image credit: Future)
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