Project Gotham 3 shot confirmed

Hoping to get to the bottom of the 'secret' image that briefly emerged from the recently, we embarked on some intensive sleuthing and have been informed by reliable insiders that the picture is, as was widely suspected, a hi-res render from Project Gotham Racing 3.

The image, which you can find on the right, was briefly made available when players that successfully solved the latest challenge were given a URL leading them to the close-up bumper shot.

Keen automobile types quickly identified the car as a Ferrari 360 Modena, which continues Project Gotham's trend of featuring red Ferraris as their signature car.

Unfortunately, our anonymous source wouldn't confirm whether the car's 360 numeration was just a happy coincidence, or was, in fact, subtle confirmation that Microsoft's next-generation console will be called Xbox 360 as many people are suggesting it will be.

We're paying close attention to and will bring you more insider details as and when we get them.