Print yourself an Xbox Series X papercraft while you wait for the real thing

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The wait for any next-gen console can be excruciating, so do yourself a favor and print yourself an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S papercraft to hold you over. 

Microsoft has released free recyclable paper kits that you can print out and fold into full-size or 1-3 scale Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S replicas. Now you can plan out exactly how much space you'll need near your TV for both consoles or decorate your gaming space with a little next-gen flair. I'm just wondering how hard it would be to fold something one-third the size of the tiny Xbox Series S.

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Like the actual consoles themselves, these Xbox papercraft kits cost more paper the bigger they are. The full-size PDFs will require a big printer or multiple sheets of paper to piece together, but the smaller versions should fit on a single sheet of standard office paper. Likewise, you'll need a pair of scissors to cut along the dotted lines and some glue to hold it all together.

Of course, paper is only entertaining for so long, and it won't be long before you're back to watching the clock tick ever closer to November 10 when the Xbox Series X and S launch. In order to ensure you get yours on time, do keep up with our guide to Xbox Series X pre-orders, which includes the exact day and time you can lock down your order specific to your region. You'll also see a list of retailers and their availability once pre-orders go live, so it's one you'll want to bookmark for later.

If you still aren't sure which of Microsoft's upcoming consoles you want under your TV, do be sure to read through our guide to Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S to help inform your decision.

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