Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Laverre City

TM41: Torment - As soon as you enter, speak to the boy near the mushrooms to receive this.

Ether - Next to the boy are a house and the clothing shop. Squeeze between them and follow the path to find this.

Encounter Power Lv.1 (O-Power) Just east is the Pokémon Center, where you'll find your old pal Mr. Bonding. Speak to him for yet another O-Power.

Poké Ball Factory

Max Ether - In the hedges on the left side of the entrance.

Max Revive - In the hedges on the right side of the entrance.

Quick Ball - After riding the first conveyor belt inside, run north beside the next belt to find this.

Metal Coat - Before riding the second set of belts, follow the path east of the Team Flare Grunt to find this.

Timer Ball - Make a U-turn after the second, longer conveyor belt to backtrack for that item you saw while riding the belt.

Master Ball/Big Nugget - After clearing out Team Flare, you'll get your choice of one of these two great items. Don't sweat the choice - you'll get both anyway.

Route 15

Revive - South from the route start is a dead end path. Follow it to find a leaf pile - run through the pile to reveal the item.

Net Ball - Run east along the route, and you'll see more piles of leaves that can be kicked up. Just before a ledge, this will be revealed under a pile.

Leppa Berry - Hop over said ledge to see the Leppa Berry tree nearby.

Dire Hit - Follow the path as it heads south and then wraps west. This is beneath another leaf pile.

PP Up - Surf across the water to the east. Follow the stream north to find this under a leaf pile on a ledge to the right.

Protein - You'll spot some ruins after crossing the bridge. The top wall can be knocked down with Rock Smash. Do so to find this behind it.

HP Up - Use Rock Smash on the other cracked wall to the right to reach a stream. Use Waterfall to ascend the waterfall, then hop onto the ledge to your right. The rock along its path can be examined to obtain this.

Stone Plate - Surf to the northern ledge to find this.

Full Heal - Wade through the grass directly south of the bridge and hop across the stones to find this. Alternatively, you can use Surf to get here.

Pretty Wing - Surf south from the next bridge to reach a seemingly empty ledge. Examine the rock face at the southern end to obtain this.

Macho Brace - Across the bridge is another set of ruins. Use Rock Smash to get inside and discover this.

Lost Hotel (Route 15 Entrance)

Smoke Ball - Head straight south past Punk Girl Jeanne to find this at the end of the hall.

Twisted Spoon - Head west down the only hall not blocked by a bookshelf. Turn north, and you'll be blocked by a punk. To learn how to access the area he's guarding, read our Get into Lost Hotel guide [link]. Once through, head east to find this at the end of the hall.

TM95: Snarl - Use Rock Smash to clear the nearby wall and find this beyond.

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