Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Santalune Forest

Potion - You'll see this immediately upon entering the area.

Potion - From the Potion, head west. Turn north at the kid in the blue shirt to see it.

Antidote - This is just west of the same kid.

Pokéball - After battling the first Lass, keep heading south. Turn east at the fork to find an item past the second Lass.

Potion - This lies in the opposite direction of the Pokéball.

Route 3

Revive - You'll find this just down the short stairs. Use Cut on the tree to reach it.

Super Potion - Head south from the stairs, and you'll spot this just over ledge past Schoolgirl Bridgett.

Santalune City

Super Potion - Found at the extreme northwest building of the town. Examine the flower bushes out front to find it.

Route 4

Super Potion - In the hedges to the right when you first enter the area.

Great Ball - Found in the next set of hedges to the north.

Repel - Found in the hedges on the west side of the road.

Antidote - Found in the northwest hedge where Gardener Wheaton patrols.

Poison Barb - Found in the section past the fountain. Check the hedges in the middle of the area.

Net Ball - Found in the northwest corner of the area near Gardener Grover.

Ether - Found in the opposite corner of the area.

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