Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Glittering Cave

Hard Stone - Take a left at the second intersection to find this at a dead end.

TM65: Shadow Claw - Take a left at the third intersection to find this in another dead end.

Escape Rope - This in at the end of the path in the cave's lower level. You can't miss it.

Old Amber/Helix Fossil/Cover Fossil - These can only be obtained by chance. Use Rock Smash on the rocks in the cave's lower level, and you may receive one. These can then be revived at the Fossil Lab.

Jaw Fossil/Sail Fossil - When you reach the scientist in the cave's lower level, you'll get your choice of two fossils. The Jaw Fossil can be revived for a Tyrunt; the Sail Fossil can be revived for an Amaura.

Route 8 (Beach)

Mago Berry - Head due north when you hit the sand to spot the Mago Berry tree on your left.

Dowsing Machine - Just past the tree is a swimmer who will give you this Key Item.

Heart Scale - Surf northwest from the beach to a fairly small sandbank. Examine the rock here to obtain this.

TM19: Roost - Just north of the last item is another sitting atop some shallow water.

Cyllage City

Whipped Dream - Enter the first house on the right and speak to the man in white to receive this.

Persim Berry (x3) - Enter the house directly north of the Pokémon Center and speak to the girl at the table. Answer her questions correctly to receive these.

TM88: Sleep Talk - Enter the Hotel Cyllage and speak to the lady in the orange beret. She'll give you this.

TM44: Rest - Speak to the man at the same table to receive this.

Destiny Knot - Head to the second floor of the Hotel Cyllage. Speak to the woman the bonnet at the top of the stairs to receive this.

Prize Money Power Lv. 1 - Head to the room on the far right of the same floor to see Mr. Bonding again. Speak to him to receive this.

Charti Berry - Surf west of town to find a lone house on a sandbank. Speak to the boy inside to receive this.

Pearl - Surf to the island just north of the previous house and examine the rock there to obtain this.

Super Potion - This little one is hiding behind a park bunch on the east side of town, near the bike trail.

HM04: Strength - As you bike up the hill to the Gym, the Gym Leader Grant will actually stop you and give you this.

X Defense - From the bike trail to the Gym, head south and ride down the first brown slope. The item is on the ledge beneath.

X Sp. Atk. - Head to the top of the hill near the Connecting Cave and move north. Slide down the first gravel ramp to spot this out on a ledge.

Connecting Cave

TM40: Aerial Ace - From the Cyllage City entrance, head north to find a boulder. Use Strength to push it out of the way and reach the item.

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