Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Route 20

Kasib Berry - Head west through the first section to reach the Kasib Berry tree.

Paralyze Heal- In the same section as the Kasib Berry tree.

Meadow Plate - Return to the previous section and head south, then south again. In this small section is another item.

Antidote - Return to the previous section and head west, then south. Examine the tree to obtain this.

Protein - Return to the previous section and head north, then west. Use Cut to clear the path, and you'll find this among some roses.

Repeat Ball - Examine the tree stump in the southwest corner of the same section.

Mental Herb - Return to the previous section and head south twice, then east. Examine the tree here to obtain this.

Tiny Mushroom - This sounds odd, but trust us. Return to the previous section, then go east back to the area you just left - you'll find yourself in a different section from before. Do this until the western screen has a blocked northern section. Examine the northern dirt spot here to obtain this.

X Accuracy - Head south and ascend the stairs. The little path to the west contains this.

Balm Mushroom - You can examine the little bare section in the grass to obtain this.

TM53: Energy Ball - Near the foot of the stairs is a tree. Use Cut to clear the path and find this in the next section to the west.

Pokémon Village

Pretty Wing - Speak to Fletchling to receive this.

Chople Berry - Speak to the first Furfou to receive this.

Pretty Wing - Near the sleeping Snorlax is a tire. Examine it to obtain this.

Max Ether - Head up the small slope in the southeast corner of the village to find this.

Full Restore - By the stream in the northwest corner of the village.

Pixie Plate - Surf across said stream to find this among some flowers.

TM29: Psychic - Use Waterfall to ascend the waterfall in the northwest corner of the village. You'll find this among some purple flowers to the left.

Route 21

Insect Plate - Surf the stream by the first bridge to find this to the north.

Guard Spec. - Examine the rock across from Ace Duo Elina & Sean to find this.

Pearl String - Keep east and use Strength to push the boulder east three times (to move around it), west (to line it up), then north until it plugs the gap. Continue forward to find some purple flowers. Examine the blank spot sticking out to the right to obtain this.

Repeat Ball - Surf across the stream to find this.

Figy Berry - Use Cut to reach the Figy Berry tree by the previous item.

Elixir - Just before the Victory Road entrance is a small slope. Head down it, then move west. Up another small slop is a tree. Use Cut to clear the way to reach this.

TM22: Solar Beam - From the slope near Victory Road, head south. Use Cut to clear the path to some boulders, then use Strength to move them. Push the top one west until it gets stopped by a rock, then push the lower one west until it's stopped, then south to plug the hole. Push the boulder you can now reach as far south as it will go. Return to the ledge where the Elixir was, then hop down and push that last boulder east to plug the hole. Push the western boulder to the right until it plugs a third hole - this allows you to push a fourth boulder east. Now head south and use Surf to reach said boulder. Use Cut to clear the path, then backtrack to push the boulder east to plug the hole. You can now reach a fifth and final boulder. Push it north, then east to plug one last hole. Follow the new path to your much deserved prize.

Rare Candy - Surf the stream to the south of all the boulders to find this on a ledge.

Victory Road

X Attack - Inside the first Victory Road cave, use Surf to head west. Examine the stalagmite on the opposite shore to obtain this.

Dusk Ball - In the southwest corner of the water patrolled by Battle Girl Veronique.

Hyper Potion - After crossing the bridge with Backpacker Farid, examine the little rock to obtain this.

Full Heal - Examine the bush to the left of the second cave entrance to obtain this.

Ultra Ball - After crossing the stepping stones in the second cave, use Rock Smash to reach a slope that will take you below them. Examine the stalagmite in the narrow path to the north to obtain this.

TM03: Psyshock - In the same area, head southeast to find some more stepping stones that lead out of the cave. Follow this path to tiny cave holding just an item.

Carbos - Up the stairs north of Black Belt Ander, back inside the second cave.

Smooth Rock - Examine the wall north of the Carbos to obtain this.

Rare Candy - Before crossing the bridge to exit the second cave, look north to spot a narrow path that also leads outside. Out there, this lies on a ledge.

Revive - After exiting the second cave, look south for a boulder. Push it into place with Strength, then examine the southern rock to obtain this.

PP Up - To the north of Fairy Tale Girl Corinne is a cracked wall. Use Rock Smash to break through and find this in the northwest corner of the section.

Quick Ball - Step onto the upper ledge just to the right of the ranger who will heal your Pokémon to find this.

Zinc - After battling your neighbor, use Rock Smash on the cracked wall to your left to reach this.

Pretty Wing - In the third cave, ascend the stairs and hop down the right ledge. Follow this path south until it wraps west to find yourself outside. Examine the western rock to obtain this.

Max Elixir - North from the Pretty Wing.

Full Restore - After ascending the stairs to the east of the many ledges, move south. There's an item in the southwest corner where Pokémon Ranger Ralf patrols.

Escape Rope - Return to the right ledge inside the cave, but this time bear east. When you reach a section with three ledges (one south, two east), examine the ground to find this.

Max Repel - Before taking the stairs to the cave exit, head north. Examine the stalagmite along the western edge of the path to obtain this.

Dragon Fang - Follow this same path as it wraps west. Slide down the slope and hop the southern ledge to reach this.

X Defense - Outside the third cave, examine the southernmost rock from Artist Vincent to obtain this.

TM02: Dragon Claw - Surf onto the stream in the same area, then use Waterfall to ascend the waterfall. Keep head northing to land on a small path where this lies.

Star Piece - Just before exiting to the Pokémon League, examine the ground in the middle of the four torches to obtain this.

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