Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Route 7

Oran Berry (x5) - From the route start, look for gate to the south. Head through the reach the Berry Field. A nice man will give you these upon entering.

Pecha Berry (x5) - Given by the same man.

Sprinklotad - Also given by the same man.

Miracle Seed - Found in the southwest corner of the same field.

X Spec. Def. - Just past the day care is a series of yellow and purple flowers. This lies among them.

PP Up - Just before the stairs past the Battle Chateau. You'll see it by some flowers.

Silver Powder - Head up the stairs near the Connecting Cave entrance to find a prickly tree. Use Cut to clear the path and follow it to this item.

Persim Berry - In the southwest corner of the Connecting Cave entrances is a Persim Berry tree.

Tiny Mushroom - Lying by the same tree.

Route 8 (Cliffs)

HP Up - From the Connecting Cave exit, follow the ledges down the left side of the cliff to spot this.

Water Stone - A little further south is a large boulder. Use Strength to push it out of the way. The narrow ledge beyond holds this item.

Leaf Stone - Just a bit further down the mountain is a set of stepping stones you can hop across. Use them to reach an otherwise unreachable ledge to grab this.

Heart Scale - You can only reach this from a tiny path to the right of the Pokémon Center in Ambrette Town.

Ambrette Town

TM94: Rock Smash - Speak to the girl near the Aquarium to receive this.

TM96: Nature Power - Head into the Hotel Ambrette and speak to the girl on the right side of the lobby to receive this.

Sp. Def. Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Head to the far right room of the second floor of the Hotel Ambrette to find Mr. Bonding again. He'll give you another O-Power if you speak to him.

Old Rod - Head inside the Ambrette Aquarium and descend to the lower level. Speak to the fisherman in the hat to receive this.

Rocky Helmet - Before exiting to Route 9, speak to the lady in the black tank top to receive this.

Pearl - After descending to Route 8 (Beach), follow the sand to the left- it wraps around back into the town. Follow the path to spot this.

Route 9

X Defense - You'll spot this on the side of the rocky trail while riding Rhyhorn.

Paralyze Heal - Just a bit further down the trail on the right side.

Fire Stone - At the foot of the stairs near the Paralyze Heal is a narrow path. Follow it to find this handy item.

Dusk Ball - Just past the Glittering Cave entrance is another set of stairs. Head up them and look south to spot this.