Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Dendemille Town

Accuracy Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - South of the Route 15 exit is the Pokémon Center, where you'll find Mr. Bonding yet again. Speak to him for another O-Power.

Sitrus Berry - Speak to the women on the right side of the Pokémon Center to receive this.

TM42: Facade - Enter the elevated house just southwest of the windmill. Speak to the boy inside to receive this.

Big Root - On the east side of town in the dirt patch.

Frost Cavern

Heart Scale - Head west before entering the cave to reach a stream. Use Waterfall to descend to the lower level of water and reach a ledge where this item rests.

Dire Hit - Inside the cavern proper, slide across the first sheet of ice. Continue north to enter a seemingly empty room. Examine the rocks in here to obtain this.

Ice Heal - In the next room full of ice sheets, slide north from your entrance. Examine the rock along the right wall to find this.

Ice Heal - Slide into the little alcove north of Hiker Delmon to find this.

Icy Rock - Surf across the stream that runs through the cave and follow the path to a small cavern on a lower level. In the southeast corner is an item.

Max Repel - Back on the previous floor, you'll soon reach a large sheet of ice. Slide to the area of regular ground east of a narrow ice strip. Step onto the strip and slide south, east, and south again. Move to the western edge of this regular ground, then slide north and east. This will land you next to the item.

Hyper Potion - After descending the stairs, you'll find this just south of the girl who will heal your Pokémon.

Super Potion - In the small room between two staircases, check the east rock for this.

Ether - From Black Belt Kenji, slide west, south, east, then north to reach this narrow strip on the ice.

Zinc - This time, slide southeast from Black Belt Kennji. Then slide west, then northeast. Do this right, and you'll end up in a narrow area. Take an east from the second narrow sheet to find this item down an eastern corridor.

TM79: Frost Breath - Follow the path to its end to descend to another cavern. Slide east along the northern wall, then northwest, then south. Do this right, and you'll wind up adjacent to the item.

Route 17

Icicle Plate - Ride Mamoswine east through the snow and smash the rocks you come upon. Smash the next set of rocks to the north, hop off, and follow the narrow path to find this in a dead end.

Calcium - Head south through the snow to find more rocks. Smash the second rock, hop off, and head through the narrow path to find this.

Rare Candy - Just before exiting the route to Anistar City, head north to find this on a narrow ledge.

Anistar City

Exp. Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Mr. Bonding can be found in the Pokémon Center yet again. Speak to him for another O-Power.

TM32: Double Team/TM35: Flamethrower/TM77: Psych Up/TM90: Substitute - Speak to the girl by the bookshelf. At certain times of the day, she'll give you an item. Revisit her at different times for the others.

TM10: Hidden Power - Enter the house next to the clothing shop. Speak to the man in white inside to receive this.

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