Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup best team and Pokemon to use

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup
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The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup, as the name suggests, limits the number of Pokemon to use in PVP battles to those from the Sinnoh region. For those who don’t know which Pokemon those are, that includes Pokemon with a Pokedex number from #387 to #493. Also, the Pokemon chosen have to be at or below 1,500 CP to enter the Sinnoh Cup. This will limit the number of Pokemon used even further as many Pokemon can’t be caught at the threshold. It runs from Monday, January 10 at 4 p.m. EST and ends Monday, January 24 at 4 p.m. EST.

So, which Pokemon can be used and who are the best options for the Sinnoh Cup? We’ve compiled this Pokemon Go shortlist trainers should consider before entering the Sinnoh Cup.


Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup

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Type: Psychic
Weakness: Dark, Bug, Ghost

Cresselia is infamous for being one of the bulkiest Pokemon in the franchise and that doesn’t change in Pokemon Go.

With a typing that is weak to unpopular types, especially in this format, and its defensive stats Cresselia can be a fantastic core to any team. Use it to pivot out of an unfavorable match up and simply outlast your opponent.

Psycho Cut is the main attack that will hit anything neutral that’s not Dark or Steel. Grass Knot and Moonblast will give Cresselia some coverage against many of the Pokemon it’ll encounter during the Sinnoh Cup. Moonblast is great to take care of Dark types and Grass Knot will handle Gastrodon and other bulky Rock/Ground types.


Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup

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Type: Steel/Rock
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Water

Bastiodon is an elite wall that has a bit more bulk than Cresselia but with better attacks. Smack Down is the best Fast Attack it can use and will deal at least neutral damage to many Pokemon trainers using Bastiodon will encounter. Stone Edge is a stronger Smack Down while Flamethrower gives Bastiodon some coverage against Grass and other Steel types. 

This Pokemon will have to watch out for Water and Ground types especially Gastrodon. Fighting types like Lucario will also give Bastiodon fits so be sure to pivot out to Cresselia when you have a chance.


Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup

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Type: Fighting/Steel
Weakness: Fighting, Fire, Ground

Lucario is one of the best Fighting type attackers in PVP, Raids and in Pokemon Go in general. So it’s a no-brainer that trainers should use it when they can in the Sinnoh Cup.

Counter is one of the premiere Fighting-type Fast Attacks and will handle Steel, Ice and Rock types that you may encounter. Your opponent has Bastiodon? Use Lucario. It’ll be effective against just about any Pokemon that isn’t a Ghost, Flying or Psychic-type so be sure to use it as often as you can.

As for Lucario’s Charged Attacks, Power-Up Punch will allow the Pokemon to increase its Attack stat when its used to help it steamroll your opponent’s team. Shadow Ball will be the best second Charged Attack as it handles Psychic and Ghost types that would otherwise not be hurt by Lucario’s Fighting-type moves.

Which Pokemon should Lucario avoid? Gastrodon that uses Earth Power would be devastating as well as another Lucario.


Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup

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Type: Water/Ground
Weakness: Grass

Gastrodon has one of the best typings in Pokemon. With just one weakness, Gastrodon will leave many Pokemon unable to deal super effective damage. 

Couple that with its wide variety of move options and Gastrodon is one of the best Pokemon to use in the Sinnoh Cup. As you’ve read above, Gastrodon can cause problems to a lot of the Pokemon you’ll likely encounter including Lucario and Bastiodon. The common threat Gastrodon poses to them is its access to Ground moves like Mud-Slap and Earth Power.

The only Pokemon that Gastrodon will likely have trouble with is Abomasnow who can damage it with Grass-type attacks.

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