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PlayStation's counting down to E3 with five days of game reveals and details

Sony's getting ready for all the big E3 2018 game (opens in new tab) reveals by rolling out more game reveals! Sony announced today that it will count down to the official PlayStation showcase event next week with a series of five livestreamed broadcasts, each focusing on a different game to announce or share more details about.

Every streamed event will begin at 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm BST on its respective day, and you can watch them on the Twitch stream embedded above or on (opens in new tab), among other options. Here's what Sony has scheduled out.

Wednesday, June 6: Announcement of a new PS4 game with PS VR support

Thursday, June 7: Release date for an upcoming SIE Worldwide Studios title

Friday, June 8: Announcement of a new PS4 game

Saturday, June 9: Announcement of a new PS VR game

Sunday, June 10: Details of an "eagerly anticipated game" coming to PS VR

The details on each game are, of course, super vague, inviting plenty of speculation. Commence the poring over Sony E3 rumors (opens in new tab) to see which could potentially match up with these descriptions!

Just keep in mind that Sony will probably save its biggest surprises for the main event on Monday (check our E3 2018 schedule (opens in new tab) to make sure you don't miss it). So I wouldn't expect one of those new PS4 games to be The Elder Scrolls 6 (opens in new tab) or something like that. But they could still turn out to be pretty cool surprises, especially since Sony seems to be reserving much of its showcase for deep dives into a handful of known quantities.

Can't stand the wait? Try out some picks from our list of the best PS4 games (opens in new tab) right now!

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