PlatinumGames is revealing its next game the old-fashioned way: in a magazine

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PlatinumGames is revealing a new game next week and it will do so in good old fashioned print form. That news comes according to popular Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, which stated in this week's issue that the fan-favorite studio has a new game to debut in its February 27 issue. The news was first reported by Gematsu.

If we've read the tea leaves correctly, this should be game number two of the "Platinum4," a newly launched website from the company which seemingly points to four new games in development. We know the first one is The Wonderful 101 Remastered, which recently flew up the Kickstarter charts like one of its titular superheroes. That project is now deep into its stretch goal campaign two of which were recently revealed.

As for what this second project could be, your guess is as good as ours, though The Wonderful 101 Remastered did leak quite a bit before its crowdfunding campaign went live. Maybe more loose lips will spoil the Famitsu reveal ahead of next Friday. 

It was just days ago when Platinum commented on hoping to one day revive its cancelled project, Scalebound. That title was intended to be a Microsoft exclusive before the company canned it, and we've since heard it may come back as a Switch title, though Platinum's comments last week don't sound like those from a company actively working on the game. It was more wishful thinking than anything, but who can blame them? We'd like to see it come back someday too.

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