One What If episode idea was rejected because it was "half the plot" of Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy
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What If is set to debut on Disney Plus this August as Marvel’s answer to the age-old debates of 'What if' some of the MCU’s most important moments had gone differently. But not everything is fair game in the upcoming 10-episode run.

Head writer A.C. Bradley has revealed in an interview with Kakuchopurei (opens in new tab) that one episode idea was turned down because of its similarities to an upcoming Marvel Phase 4 adventure.

"I pitched an entire episode. It took me a couple of days to break it. I was very excited about it. I went to [director] Bryan [Andrews] and was like, here we go, this is what happens, do you think Kevin Feige would approve? He went, oh, yeah, Kevin would love that, that’s half the plot of Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3," Bradley said.

"I was like, ‘You’re kidding?’ and he went, ‘Nope, good job, you guessed it'… So, that one I can’t do because the amazing James Gunn is already going to do it."

Bradley and executive producer Brad Winderbaum previously spoke to sister publication Total Film about some of the episodes that did make the cut – including a murder mystery.

"We have an episode that’s like a political thriller. We’ve got a dark Doctor Strange episode that’s like a tragic love story. One of them is just me wanting to goof off and relive my favorite movies as a kid. Can’t Hardly Wait was a touchstone… I can’t imagine any other point in my career when I’m going to get to write one of those National Lampoon crazy party movies," Bradley said.

"Then we have a great Agatha Christie episode," adds executive producer Brad Winderbaum. "It takes place in this obscure point of detail that only hardcore fans know called ‘Fury’s Big Week’..."

Guardians of the Galaxy 3, meanwhile, is set to be the final movie in the franchise-within-a-franchise directed by James Gunn. It’s now got a release date, too: May 5, 2023. As for the plot? You’d have to ask a certain What If head writer…

What If, starring Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher and featuring several returning MCU actors, is set to launch on Disney Plus from August 11.

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